Sunday, August 27, 2006

My wonderful hubby and my personal day away

I'll admit it--sometimes it's hard for me to feel feminine when doing the tasks of a wife and mother. Don't get me wrong...I don't think that there is anything more feminine than faithfully and joyfully fulfilling my God-given responsibilities, but the actions and the feelings don't always coexist. And I know that obedience to God is what is necessary so that will always take preeminence, but sometimes it's nice just to get away from it have a personal day of refreshment and fun...and to remind myself that though I may be a mother...I'm still a girl! Yesterday, my wonderful and thoughtful Scott gave me this opportunity as he courageously offered to stay home with Jonah so I could have a day off.
I also have to admit--I didn't know what to do with myself. The only time that I have been away from home by myself since Jonah was born was to go to the grocery store. I think the endless possibilities of what I could do with a few hours on my own overwhelmed me to the point that I had no clue what I would do. In the end, as mentioned above, I wanted to do something that was both girly and refreshing. But before I explain what I did, let's rewind to the morning:
I woke up tired and grumpy. Jonah had been up a couple times the night before (he has a hard time when his schedule is off, and Scott and I had been on a date the night before so Jonah did not get to bed on time) and because he did not get a lot of sleep either, he was cranky too. I proceeded with his morning routine and then set him in his booster chair for some green beans. Jonah had never had them before. He did not like them. He frowned and shuddered at the first bite...and gagged and vomited with the second. So I promptly cleaned up the mess and drew him a bath. Within seconds of being in the bathwater, Jonah peed all over the place so I had to clean up that, too. All that and it wasn't even 8 a.m.! He did not go down well for his morning nap, but I was so overwhelmed at that point that I just left him crying in his crib and went into our bedroom and had a good cry of my own. I think the events of the morning just made me appreciate a day away all that much more.
So, after a pep talk from Scott (he's getting really good at those!) and a kiss goodbye, I headed out. My first stop was Target, where in addition to getting the boring practical stuff like batteries, I got two shades of the pinkest and sparkliest (sp?) nail polish a girl could want along with a pair of the softest socks ever! :) After a quick trip to the mall I came home for a lunch break (I had packed a lunch to eat at a park or something but left it at home in my hurriedness to get out). It was perfect timing for Jonah's lunch too so it was convenient that I was there. I went out again after lunch to the library for some quiet and uninterrupted time of reading and studying. I am going through the book of Joshua right now. It was great to have extended time in the Word as it is really hard to come by with a 6 month old.
After that I came home but my 'day off' was nowhere near over. While I was gone, Scott did a lot of cleaning, organizing, and even rearranging some furniture! Wow. And Jonah looked like he was grateful for some one on one time with his old man. I relaxed while Scott made me tasty dinner--and he even made enough so that I might not have to cook this week! sweet! After dinner I put Jonah to bed and was able to take a bath and give myself a home pedi/mani (and slip into my new soft socks afterwards, of course!). I don't know how much more 'girly' I can take but I sure had fun! And the refreshment of my body and my soul was such a treat.
So, if you're reading this, Scott, Thank You so much. I could not ask for a sweeter and more loving and sacrificial husband than you. I am so thankful that you make it possible for me to be a stay-at-home Mom and look after our home, but I am also thankful that you recognize that it really is a lot of work and that I need a break now and again, too.
And, if you're reading this and you're not Scott, then I'd like to encourage you to think of a creative way to thank your spouse for what he/she does. And if you're not married, surely there is someone special in your life that deserves your thanks. It can be such a blessing and an encouragement to that person!


The Bird Nest said...

You're welcome, it's the least thing I could think of doing. I thought working 9 hr days managing a million tasks and keeping clerks, customers and a boss happy were hard! I was ever so glad to go to work on Sunday and put in a 13 hour day than I was today, because 13 hours at work is a lot easier shift than 8 hours at home with a baby! Thanks for the opportunity to be Mr. Mom for a day- it really allowed be to appreciate the labor and love that goes into being a house wife day in and day out. It is a task that you excell at and one for which I know I don't thank you enough. Now would you mind running to get me a cold one before cops comes on! Thanks babe. Oh, and whats for dinner :)

Sam I am said...

you guys are awesome! Thanx for sharing your moments of reality!

Tim and/or Abby said...

Do I have to wait six months or can I have one at six weeks?? Tim at least comes into grant's room when I'm changing his diper and he's peed on me twice and pooped four times and I'm screaming crazy things and mumbling to myself.

BlogieMo said...

I can remember having three in diapers at one time. If I wanted time off I had to hire a sitter but God blessed me with a group of ladies next door and across the street so I had some great times away from being a stay at home mom. Dad was usually overseas or at sea. He could cook but never got the hang of cleaning up after himself period. The nap time for the children was also nap time for me. If you have a set time for bed time than make sure those siters adhere to that time so there is no cranky kid in the morning or during the night. I love reading your blog.

God always gives us the strength to do what He has called us to do, so rest in Him.

In Christ,

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