Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cancer Strikes

You know that its going to strike your immediate family sooner or later. I've been fortunate to be on the latter end since in 28 years I've experienced very few deaths in my family. My grandmother is with the Lord as is my cousin Nathanael. But its different when death enters your camp. My mother called me tonight to tell me that she was diagnosed 4 months ago with terminal lung cancer that has already metastasized and is now present all over her body. I will be heading up tomorrow to be with her and to work out all the details of life and death so she has nothing to worry about. Since our blog has also developed into a sort of online family scrap book I will post periodic blogs about this experience that I hope will be of benefit to read and provide an opportunity for you to give some feedback and counsel. I will attempt to refrain from eulogizing the living but will also pass on any interesting family trivia or facts. I am keenly sensitive to preserving family history and will pester my mom to the grave (in this the pun is intended) for her life story. Please pray for me as I try to the best of my ability to love my mom to the end of her life and to do so with compassion for all of those who are in her life now. Lest there be anyone who might read this and take an opportunity to charge my God with cruelty I would point out that in the diagnosis of cancer is the wonderful grace of time. I could have received a phone call from my dad letting me know my mom died in some horrible car accident. But with the news I did receive I know that my mom will have the time to make things right in her life with everyone and with God. Most important we will have the time(s) between now and then to tell each other everything we want to. I will not see my mom die with the regret of not having told her something (even if it means I have to eat a little crow, participate in a little confession and ask for lots of forgiveness)!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just For Fun

"Excuse me, what are you reading?"

We still aren't quite sure why Jonah felt the need to pick the statue's nose...


For those that have asked, I thought I'd post an update. We are still mainly in the 'waiting to hear' stage with the doctors, but we are making progress in terms of getting him appointments to see someone who will hopefully be able to help. His pediatrician ordered a stomach x-ray and we had that done on Tuesday. He has also referred Noah to a gastroenterologist. In the meantime, Noah seems to be doing better in the eating department, and last night even opened up his mouth to eat his apples/blueberries! He finished the whole jar in about 5 minutes, and Scott and I were floored! Praise God for that. Having a fuller tummy also helps him sleep (he's still sleeping as I type this--at 8:13 am. Perhaps I should check to see if he's alive?) He has slept through the night this whole week, which is a welcome change for me. :)

Oh, I hear him crying now. It's 8:14. He must have just known I was writing about how good he sleeps! Silly guy. I'll go get him now...

We are also still waiting to hear about the neurologist. He was referred to one at UCLA and it is the kind of thing where they review the case and give you an appointment. Well, they scheduled Noah for July 8, which is too long to wait. Thankfully his pediatrician agrees with me and they are doing all they can to expedite his appointment there. The pediatrician faxed more information to the neurologist to justify moving up the appointment, and I should hear back today or tomorrow, hopefully. Noah will occasionally put his feet down--more so when his hips are bent at a 90 degree angle.

I'll continue to update when there's any more news to share. Thanks to all who are praying for him. He is a treasure for sure.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feeding Noah

If anyone is up for a challenge, I invite you to come to our house to try to feed Noah. This kid gives new meaning to "stubborn." In his defense, I think he now associates eating with being sick (he will not tolerate rice, oatmeal, green beans, peas, or corn, and the list continues to grow). And the foods he does tolerate he does not enjoy. It often takes 3 sittings, a couple of hours, and many tears to finish 1 little jar of baby food. Even the foods he used to "like" (and I use the term very loosely) are now becoming a struggle to feed him. I tried applesauce this morning--a former favorite, and after gagging on it, he put his fingers in his mouth to try to scrape all he could off his tongue. I think we're down to carrots and prunes being the foods he will eat most consistently. The poor little guy has had a cold for the past couple of days, which I thought would make it easier to feed him (if he can't breathe through his nose, he's got to open his mouth, right? And if he is opening his mouth, it will be easier to feed him, right?) Wrong.
I am calling his Dr. again tomorrow to see if we can't get him in to see a gastroenterologist. Please pray for him, and for me as well, as it is very taxing for me to keep up with his nutritional needs right now. We'll keep you posted.

Friday, April 18, 2008


The days are getting longer and warmer, and this week has been such a great time for the boys to get outside and play. These pics were taken today, while we were waiting for the choo-choo to go by and watching for Daddy to ride his 'bicyle' home.
Does anyone know how to rotate the picture of Noah? I have the original rotated on my computer but when blogger uploads my vertical pics, this is how they come up. I believe this problem started when we got our mac (which I love in all other respects).