Saturday, August 26, 2006

That'll keep you humble

The story that follows demonstrates that no matter how smart you get in class you can still be an idiot in the rest of life. Events like these help remind me to keep humble because as soon as I think I know something I'm reminded I don't know noth'n.

Amy and I bought a water filter for our faucet about a year ago because our tap water tastes nasty. We use this thing for about 3 months enjoy the clean taste of filtered water when it crosses my mind that the filter is probably good for 3 months. I started looking for replacement filters but couldn't locate any. At about the 8 month point I'm starting to think of replacing our filter with a whole new unit. Something needed to be done because the filtered water was tasting just the same as plain tap water.
Well Amy was looking through out cavernous pantry one night and found this little foil wrapped package with the name of our water filter on it! Hurray a new filter, I take it and begin to dismantle the faucet unit. After I have it all apart something in the back of my brain clicks-- you idiot there never was a filter in the unit! For nearly a year we've been drinking water out of a faucet filter with NO FILTER! Whats better is we were both convinced that when we first put the filter on that the water ACTUALLY TASTED BETTER! What a powerful force the power of suggstion is.

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