Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 08- The Christmas Pictures

Apparently there is some limit to how many photos can go on a single post- so here are the Christmas proper pictures.

Christmas 08

This holiday season was filled with lots of activity. We spend a long weekend at a cabin in the Sierras. We then traversed the state of California to be with Amy's parents in Lancaster. It was definitely a good Christmas with family, gifts and memories. Below are some pictures from the cabin and from Christmas. Some of the most excitement came as we were leaving the cabin. ON the I80 freeway we encountered whiteout conditions, with heavy snowfall and winds blowing up to 40mph. It took us hours to go a few miles. While it was a little hair raising it was also defintely a heap of fun for the driver! Scott's parents left the following day, on the same route and encountered nothing but clear skies and plowed roads! God knows how to give what is best to each family in time.