Sunday, September 10, 2006

With Lots of Love...

Well, today is Grandparents Day, and Jonah wanted to do something special for all of his grandparents. Since he couldn't be near any of them personally to give them lots and lots of kisses or hugs, he transferred all his love for them to this (now weathered) sign. It has been well slobbered on. He did the coloring himself and got so carried away that he didn't limit himself to staying on the paper. I think he's into the modern art movement and free expression because he colored on his face, too.

And now a message from Jonah:

[,,,,b .............vv c nnjh7m,scfczvsxxKJ G M M BI LH]

which in his language I'm sure translates, "I love you all and I want to play with you and love on you really soon! Happy Grandparents Day!!"

3 comments: said...

Amy and Scott,

You are the BEST! How cute is this little one God has given to you! We sure were blessed with your visit this weekend and the date night you gave us too.

You both are doing and awesome job...with OUR GRANDSON! He is so preicous...

We love you..
The Bird Grandparents

BlogieMo said...

Real cute! What I would have done with the Internet when my kids were young. Well, it is free to dream, isn't it. With all the bad that comes through the waves there is so much more good.

Enjoy being parents of a PRE-schooler because those "teen" years are a-coming.

theTNknowles said...

Such a little man. It's great to see that he is getting into the arts at an early age.
He is growing cuter with every picture that you guys post.
What a sweet way to remember the grandparents on Grandparent's Day.