Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It was a happy day for Jonah when he discovered his hand. Those tiny little fingers most often clenched in a fist capitvated his attention for hours, much like the lamp once did (see previous post). For two weeks, he was only aware of his right hand. Just last night he discovered his left hand and looked quite surprised that he had another. Confused, he slowly moved his eyes from one hand to the other and back to the first one again. Delighted with his new discovery, the confused look gave way to a wide grin. Perhaps he has finally figured out that it was indeed himself hitting him in the head all this time. Nah...I don't think so!

Monday, April 10, 2006

He's Ready to Have a Daughter

Come on boys, make your move. (p.s.- this is NOT an announcement)

And when the time comes and I don't like him...

"You know what I used to do?-- I used to pick up dead bodies for a living. If you ask her out I just assume you'd like to know a bit more about my occupation- hands on like."

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

We spent last weekend in Modesto, California with Scott’s family. It was a special time for a number of reasons. Scotts stepmother Rose and our good friend Kim Odegaard planned a baby shower for Amy and Jonah. Scott was invited and told to be on his best behavior. The evening was enjoyable as we were able to catch up with old friends but since it was Jonahs first party, he didn’t really know how to handle himself. Things got a little crazy and the cops had to come in and give him a stern lecture of self control!

Jonah was also introduced to his great-grandparents Amy and Vain. I think the pictures speak best for themselves! Scott was really excited about the chance to get a picture with all four generations of Birds together. There’s a combined total of 170 years (and 8 weeks) worth of Bird life among the four guys! Jonah, as was Scott, is constantly bathed in prayer from Scott’s grandparents who are strong believers and who evidence the joy of Christ without the slightest hindrance of age to mute their expression.

Lastly, the trip was special because Scott got to eat at a dinner he had been eyeing for years. The place is called Aero Dogs and is so named because the entire restaurant is located inside of an old Corvair cargo plane. In classic Central California style, the place is located in the tiny town of Tulare and it serves only one namesake classic—The Hotdog--! Which by the way was absolutely terrible! As were the fries and even the coke was watered down. Don’t eat here!!! Your fairly warned but if the lure of an opportunity to eat food inside of a real airplane overtakes you, Aero Dogs is at least one place I know where you can satisfy your desires.