Thursday, April 24, 2008


For those that have asked, I thought I'd post an update. We are still mainly in the 'waiting to hear' stage with the doctors, but we are making progress in terms of getting him appointments to see someone who will hopefully be able to help. His pediatrician ordered a stomach x-ray and we had that done on Tuesday. He has also referred Noah to a gastroenterologist. In the meantime, Noah seems to be doing better in the eating department, and last night even opened up his mouth to eat his apples/blueberries! He finished the whole jar in about 5 minutes, and Scott and I were floored! Praise God for that. Having a fuller tummy also helps him sleep (he's still sleeping as I type this--at 8:13 am. Perhaps I should check to see if he's alive?) He has slept through the night this whole week, which is a welcome change for me. :)

Oh, I hear him crying now. It's 8:14. He must have just known I was writing about how good he sleeps! Silly guy. I'll go get him now...

We are also still waiting to hear about the neurologist. He was referred to one at UCLA and it is the kind of thing where they review the case and give you an appointment. Well, they scheduled Noah for July 8, which is too long to wait. Thankfully his pediatrician agrees with me and they are doing all they can to expedite his appointment there. The pediatrician faxed more information to the neurologist to justify moving up the appointment, and I should hear back today or tomorrow, hopefully. Noah will occasionally put his feet down--more so when his hips are bent at a 90 degree angle.

I'll continue to update when there's any more news to share. Thanks to all who are praying for him. He is a treasure for sure.

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Melissa said...

thank you for the update! ive been praying and wondering how all is going for you guys. that's great that he's eating and sleeping better. please keep us posted!!