Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cancer Strikes

You know that its going to strike your immediate family sooner or later. I've been fortunate to be on the latter end since in 28 years I've experienced very few deaths in my family. My grandmother is with the Lord as is my cousin Nathanael. But its different when death enters your camp. My mother called me tonight to tell me that she was diagnosed 4 months ago with terminal lung cancer that has already metastasized and is now present all over her body. I will be heading up tomorrow to be with her and to work out all the details of life and death so she has nothing to worry about. Since our blog has also developed into a sort of online family scrap book I will post periodic blogs about this experience that I hope will be of benefit to read and provide an opportunity for you to give some feedback and counsel. I will attempt to refrain from eulogizing the living but will also pass on any interesting family trivia or facts. I am keenly sensitive to preserving family history and will pester my mom to the grave (in this the pun is intended) for her life story. Please pray for me as I try to the best of my ability to love my mom to the end of her life and to do so with compassion for all of those who are in her life now. Lest there be anyone who might read this and take an opportunity to charge my God with cruelty I would point out that in the diagnosis of cancer is the wonderful grace of time. I could have received a phone call from my dad letting me know my mom died in some horrible car accident. But with the news I did receive I know that my mom will have the time to make things right in her life with everyone and with God. Most important we will have the time(s) between now and then to tell each other everything we want to. I will not see my mom die with the regret of not having told her something (even if it means I have to eat a little crow, participate in a little confession and ask for lots of forgiveness)!


Tim and/or Abby said...

you guys are really going through the ringer! So sorry to hear about your mom scott. It's so crazy - we always think everyone's gonna be around...that we're going to be around. But I know she know's you're the best son ever which is good. We're thinking of you guys...and little noah. Amy don't let your back go out or you all will be really too screwed to continue. Much love

JohnFox said...

Hey man, so sorry to hear about this. May you be blessed with strength. And although I've always tended to interpret the Psalm 23 Valley of Death metaphorically, more and more I'm taking it literally - we have to pass through that valley with our loved ones, and we all get scarred on the way through.