Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Noah-4 Months

This post will probably be most interesting to the grandparents. We just returned home from Noah's 4 month appointment where he weighed in at 15 lbs 10 oz (75th percentile) and measured 27" (off the charts). He seemed to enjoy Dr. Chan listening to his heart/lungs and looking at his eyes/ears, but the real treat was the second dosage of his oral rotavirus vaccination! The shots were painful but quick and he seems to be doing fine now.
At four months, Noah enjoys laughing, cooing, reaching for toys, playing with his hands and feet, and sticking out his tongue to blow raspberries (just discovered that yesterday). Jonah likes watching him do this, and gleefully announces "Bubbles!!" every time Noah spits. My favorite relatively new skill of Noah's is that he is finally sleeping through the night on a regular basis! He can generally go 10 hours, which now gives Scott and I some time awake and alone without the kids, as well as a good night's sleep. Wahoo!
Look for Noah's 4 month pictures in a post to come.

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