Saturday, October 20, 2007


Noah had a 'first' this week but I can't seem to find a "first trip to the ER sticker" in any baby book I've seen. I was nursing him on Thursday afternoon when he started having an apparent seizure that lasted for approximately 10 very long seconds. My attempts to alert him were unsuccessful and at one point when he opened his eyes, I saw them rolling back in his head. He seemed fine afterwards and went right back to nursing, but at his pediatrician's recommendation, we took him in to the emergency room. Dr. Friend was in charge of his care and he ordered some blood work and a CT scan which both came back within normal results. Having to hold him still for the insertion of the IV was not fun as the nurses struggled to find a vein under all his arm chubs. Other than that, he was acting really happy in the room and I found myself having to convince Scott that no, Noah was not shaking "just because he was cold." We were discharged late Thursday night with a follow-up visit with his pediatrician the following day. He ordered another test, an EEG, which we will hopefully have done in about a week or two.
waiting in the waiting room, acting really happy and not giving much cause for concern.
they wrapped him in a blanket after his CT scan. Note the feet.
excited to be coming home!
showing off his new boo-boo, where they put in the IV


Tim and/or Abby said...

wow. first, sorry, that must have been scary. second, dang Noah is HUGE! He's like a little man...I though he was a baby!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, guys. I forgot to look at your blog spot lately. I'm so glad Noah is okay. Did you get the results of his latest tests? I remember taking Scott to the ER a couple of times -- I just about freaked out! Love, Mom