Friday, July 27, 2007

random pics

It's a lot cooler at the beach than it is in our 3rd floor apartment...hence the recent visits.
We took Scott's family to the beach when they came to visit
Jonah got his first haircut. This is before. Obviously.

And after!
Noah's first 4th of July. I know I'm a little behind.
One of Noah's 1st "Social Smiles." We think he's pretty cute!
This is for Scott's Mom and has become a Bird family tradition to take a picture of the baby in the bottom drawer of a dresser because that is where Scott spent the first few nights at home. I think Noah would rather sleep in his cradle.

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crazyaboutgus said...

Your kids are just soooo cute! I love that bottom drawer picture; just adorable. And how cute is his face too, since he really doesnt want to be in that drawer!! Looking forward to our beach trip, whenever that will be!!