Monday, July 30, 2007

Half A Day A Way

Like Father, Like Son
Mr. Innocent is my name

Can I play with that boat in my bath?

We had been planning a short notice trip to San Diego but the bookstore had some last minute urgent needs and Scott was unable to get away. This was disappointing but at Amy's suggestion we all went down to Long beach for the afternoon following Church. It's a funny thing about us Birds, we really like seeing big things. Pretty childish I suppose but sometimes it's just plain cool to see big jets land at LAX and feel the rush of wind produced by the passing plane. Other times it's cool to head downtown through out big freeway system to gawke at big buildings. This time we went down to Long Beach and the L.A. Harbor to watch big ships. OOOoooowheeee, is the sound Jonah makes when he sees something big and cool. The above images are some pictures from our day trip down there.

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