Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!!!
Jonah tried to declare his own independence by spiking his mohawk.
Mom didn't like that idea.

After dinner with friends, Jonah experienced his first Dodgers game! They beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 11-3! Jonah liked doing the wave. He did really well at the game.

A rare family shot.
After the game ended, there was a fireworks show. This was Jonah's reaction for pretty much the whole time... he liked looking at the bright colors in the sky but was a little overwhelmed by the big booms.
Happy Birthday, America! (And our niece Megan!)


Anonymous said...

Hurry and come to Grandpa & Grandma Bird's House.
Your room is all ready for you!
Happy 1st 4th of July.

Scott and Amy you can come too.

We love You!
The Bird Nest in Modesto

BlogieMo said...

Love the pictures of Jonah and parents at his first Dodger game. Hum! I must tell this kid about my team the BRAVES...

I have to say that you two are certainly more brave than I was but then again we lived in San Diego and I never got into the Padres. In fact the only sports that I have been involved with out here has been the Galaxy's and I almost died from heart stroke. So I have settled for watching games on TV with my A/C putting out nice cool air.

Pray and play together and you will be a close family.

The oldest surfing granny you will ever know. Moe