Saturday, June 24, 2006

Our Little Bird is a Little Fish!

Jonah started swimming 'lessons' this Thursday, and he had a great time! He met lots of new friends and loved the feel of the cool water during a hot summer day. For the baby class, the instructor is trying to get them to learn how to kick in the water and also to learn that on the count of three, they'll get wet. Jonah liked the Humpty Dumpty exercises the best, where he sits on the side of the pool and 'has a great fall' into the water. I was really surprised that he didn't even mind when I scooped his face underwater for one of the exercises. He seemed to think it was perfectly normal--it didn't even phase him! He was a natural in the water.
I had a great time, too--the class consists of some mommies from church and their babies. After the lesson, we visit with each other and eat lunch together. Jonah and I are looking forward to going again next week.


theTNknowles said...

How precious! Pretty soon you and your little fish should come visit and go sailing with us. Then you can have a little skipper as well. The sunglasses are adorable!

Tim and/or Abby said...

Jonah has quite the little milk belly! Wish I could come play! Looks like fun!! Love

John & Daisy said...

I love your hair!!!! Swimming lessons already? That's great! I am sure it was very nice to be in the water on thes hot summer days :) Can't wait to see you both soon. We'll have you out for dinner and a swim.
Lots of love- daisy