Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Pizza, I made Pizza!!!

Is it a coincident that poverty and parenting both start with P's? Amy and I have been learning to tighten our belts but the process has been fun. For instance, Amy and I both love pizza, but ordering pizza, once a favoite Birdnest past time, has become a rarer and rarer event since Dad's had to start plunking down the big bucks for diapers. To compensate for this deprivation, we learned how to make our OWN pizza! That's right, from mixing flour to kneeding dough we have mastered the secret to tossing a good pizza- we have mastered the art making of crust. Making it at home means we get to put what we want on it- a holsteins utter worth of cheese? No problem! Plus we found that making a scruptious pizza costs next to nothing, with all the money we're saving I told Amy she could book the cruise! We had such fun learning and eating that we though we ought to invite others to participate in the fun, so we are going to host a "Make your own pizza" party at our home.

The point is that changes that upset our lives can be viewed as a difficulty to endure or as opportunities to thrive. In this case being poorer doesn't mean less pizza, it means better pizza, at home, with friends. Thanks for teaching me that lesson lit'le buddy.

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Michelle S said...

Hey Amy, this is your cousin, I was hoping you would post the recipe, we love pizza!! (When I'm not puking) ;0 I love the new pics, he is getting so big already!