Thursday, March 23, 2006

The 'Lamp' Post

Now that everyone has had a good opportunity to get to know Jonah through pictures, we thought you might enjoy an insight into his life and our world. 'A lamp! What has that got to do with Jonah?' The lamp pictured here is a basic black enameled lamp with brass fixtures.We got this lamp during our newlywed days, when functional dumpster gems were prized trophies of my penny pinching way. It plugs into the wall just like any other lamp and when you turn the knob- whoa, it lights up! Pretty neat, eh! Not that we really ever use it for light, the last time it was on was probably last year. In fact looking at it now I think the bulb is burned out. So really this lamp has served no purpose...until NOW!
This here lamp is so attractive that Jonah has become enamored with it. No, enamored is not strong enough-fanatic that's it-he's a fanatic friend of the lamp. If the lamp is in the room and he is in the room guess where he is looking? It's good to see Jonah can concentrate and has a good attention span, he can stare at this beautiful piece of illuminescent beauty for hours. In fact there are times when he prefers to stare at the lamp rather than pay any piece of mind to his two doting parents. What's he thinking about during these times? Amy guesses that he's working on world peace or eradicating global hunger. I'm a little more realistic, I think he just likes the contrast of a black lamp on a white wall. Which is a good sign since it means I probably won't have to be dropping $$$ on baby Einstein stuff. If he ever wears out of the lamp, I'll just head right back to the dumpster to find something else he'll like. Learn from this lesson all ye who will be new parents soon, you'll be told your child will never learn to cut straight or that he’ll fail preschool unless you buy this gizmo or play that Mozart CD. The truth is that all you need can be found next to your apartment dumpster!

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Tim and/or Abby said...

Did you say doting?? If I didn't have a brainy husband you guys would be way over my head. I didn't have baby einstein or dumpster toys obviously, heck even 6 years of higher education barely made a dent in my brain. I have the streets smarts though right? Cute kid. I gotta get me a lamp for my boy.