Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thoughts on the Election

A black man as the President of the United States. Wow! Now joy and elation on one side and fear and suspicion on the other. I am always and advocate of the third way. The third way I define as the Christian way of looking at things. Rather than joy or fear I argue for hope and faith. Let me explain....

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Kings and rulers come and go but God's throne will never be abdicated or vacated by term limits of voter disapproval. Furthermore, while we vote because we have a civic responsibility to do so the election came down to only one vote. The bible clearly teaches that God raises up leaders and brings down rulers. It is clear now that Obama is God's man for this day and for His purposes. Obama is president because and only because God permitted it.

What ought our response be? Steadfastness. Wake up tomorrow, do what is at hand and continue as you always have. Pray for your new president and his administration and beg God to be merciful to us and our nation for we truly are a people of unclean lips. I argue that optimism ought to mark our Christianity and we must always remember that none is evil wholly except Satan and none is totally good except God. So my forecast for the political future of the nation? More corrupt human worldviews and ideologies devoid of the wisdom of God. What is my desire for the church? Bolder witness and stronger faith, more compassionate love and tender mercies. Jesus in all we do and say must identify us and our response no matter who wins or loses. Our response must be steadfastness in God and his Word.

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