Friday, March 14, 2008

A Boy and his Dog

Jonah really loves dogs! He does really well with them, too...always very gentle. He will take any and every opportunity he has to run and play with them. Several people have noted how he would do so great with a dog of his own. We are not ready for that yet, but in the meantime this wooden pull-toy dog is just perfect. Jonah and the Dog have become fast friends this past week. The Dog goes on our walks with us, and Jonah even gives the Dog an occasional opportunity to 'relieve' himself in the grass. This toy Dog gets lots of attention and love right now. He even gets a bowl of water after our walks because he is thirsty. Below is a picture of Jonah helping his Dog drink his water. Wherever Jonah goes, his little Dog is sure to follow close behind.

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