Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Traditions

I remember, as a child, looking forward to each holiday or season with its own unique anticpation because of the different traditions that made each one so special. It was not until later that I discovered most people don't celebrate everything that we did--like our annual after-church hunt that usually took place around the first weekend of March as we looked for the 1st signs of spring--or May Day, or Michigan's New Year, to name a few. I appreciated (and still do) that each month provided new opportunities to celebrate together as a family.
As Scott and I dropped the egg-dye and vinegar into the mugs this year in preparation for coloring eggs, we shared our Easter traditions growing up and reflected on the fun times we had together with our families. Whether it was an Easter egg hunt at Scott's grandparents' house with all the cousins or a certain older brother always finding a snail to put on the Peeps in my Easter basket, both of us had the things that we looked forward to (or didn't so much look forward to) about Easter. Now that we have a family of our own, it is fun to be able to start new traditions together with Jonah that he will hopefully look forward to year after year. Here are a few pics of the family traditions we started this year:

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Anonymous said...

great photos Amy! Love the one of Scott and Jonah together especially. You are right, celebrating with family is the best. Love you--and miss those precious times when you all were small. Mom