Friday, February 09, 2007

What we're Reading

In a spoof of a common blog feature variously titled, "what we're reading", "books on the coffee table", "Currently Reading" and so on and so forth we thought we might offer a curious alternative reading list. Instead of learned literary scholars or savvy readers contributing to our list we thought we might consult another well read literary critic. His identity will remain unknown as part of the mystery is figuring out who our contributor is by the contents of his current reading list. Without further ado...

1) Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom- this clever tale of an adacious alphabet adventure is punctuated by the periodic refrain "CHICKA, CHICKA, BOOM BOOM" the rest of lyrical prose is devoted to the childhood struggle of climbing to the top of the tallest tree. I give this book two teeth marks and a large amount of droll

2) The Very Lonely Firefly- this childhood classic, and a classic it is since it falls in line with the Homeric tradition. Our lonely hero seeks out his own but on his way confronts false identities, dangerous deceptions and devious impostures. In the end our very lonely firefly risks gossamer wing and antennae to find an illumonus community of his own. Whenever I read this book the Mill's Brother refrain runs through my mind, "Glow little glow worm, shimmer, shimmer, you got the tail light, glimmer, glimmer....." I also give this book two teeth marks but a smaller amount of drool since the book does contain electronic circuitry.

3) Guess How Much I Love You- not just a rhetorical question, this is the title of well traveled children's book. This tome explores the intimate, elaborate and yet heart warming tale of a mother hare and her baby hare. This is a tale of discovery, for as much as our little rabbit believes he understands his mothers love he is continually exposed to the fact that his mothers love is greater than he can ever conceive. I give this book one tooth (since I only had one when I first read this volume) but also a significant amount of approving droolage.

Next on the book shelf , the Pokey Little Puppy, Sin and Temptation by John Owen and the Complete Works of Mother Goose.

This list compiled and published by

Jonah Bird

-Always in search of a good book.....

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Anonymous said...

He really DOES like his books!! :) love that little guy. Thanks for visiting--we had a great time today. Love, mom and dad and long tailed molly