Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree,

How artificial are your branches?!?

I guess we've changed our perspective since our first Christmas together 4 years ago. Four years ago, Scott and I bundled up for a drive to the local mountains with friends, where we searched all afternoon to find just the right tree. When we got it home, we spent the evening in front of our fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and stringing popcorn garland to hang on the tree. Classic.

This year, we settled on an artificial tree because after 4+ years of killing Scott's plants, I guess he finally realizes that I will forget to water the tree. Plus, there's no water for Jonah to play in and track all over the house. We get to keep it up for longer, and it's just as fresh the day we take it down and put back in the box as it was when we first unwrapped each delicate branch. It even came pre-lit with 850 mom would be proud of the glow it emits (part of my family tradition growing up was my dad trying to convince my mom that there were already enough lights on the tree and then my mom and me sneaking more strands on when dad was not looking. Christmas trees cannot have enough lights--unless you've been to our apartment and seen the tree on the hill that is so bright that we have to keep the shades drawn at night. But I digress).

Anyway, our Christmas tree is up and there are only 13 more shopping days left. What am I doing blogging? I should be at the mall...

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Anonymous said...

I think your tree has more lights than mine this year!! :) Mine only has 600--NEW lights--but they are all energy efficient, because DAD realized that our electricity bill goes up by about double in December. He attributes that hike to the amount of lights we put up this time of the year. Of course, now we've spent about 150.00 on NEW lights--lets see, how many years could we have used the OLD lights for that much in electricity?? Who knows. We're enjoying the season, and rest in God's love for us. We are appreciating the fact we have this time together--something we almost didn't have. love you, Mom