Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It was a happy day for Jonah when he discovered his hand. Those tiny little fingers most often clenched in a fist capitvated his attention for hours, much like the lamp once did (see previous post). For two weeks, he was only aware of his right hand. Just last night he discovered his left hand and looked quite surprised that he had another. Confused, he slowly moved his eyes from one hand to the other and back to the first one again. Delighted with his new discovery, the confused look gave way to a wide grin. Perhaps he has finally figured out that it was indeed himself hitting him in the head all this time. Nah...I don't think so!

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Anonymous said...

We have been married almost seven years, parents for five and even so, you inspire us. God bless your
growing family. In the months to come you will find people really dont need so much sleep anyway. It only gets better from here on,
Love Sam and Rachael.